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We are the alternative to partners for each other

Community of Entrepreneurs Contributing To Each Others Success

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What We Do?

Our businesses mutually benefit by contributing, empowering, and brainstorming with our Co-Contributors.

Get To Know Us

The Co-Contributors community is made up of diverse entrepreneurs who come together to
contribute to each other’s success. It is the future of entrepreneurship.

It is a community where entrepreneurs find ways to support one another by being a sounding board and instilling confidence. They are always there for each other. Unlike the formal and legal structure of a partnership, co-contributors have no legal obligation or restrictions on what they can bring to the table. It is a mutually beneficial relationship defined by generosity of spirit. It comes from hearts full of abundance.

What can result from a co-contributor relationship? Problems can be discussed frankly and solutions proposed. Business strategies can be assessed and course-corrected. Giving impartial advice is at the core of this relationship. Wisdom is exchanged with the best interests of fellow entrepreneurs in mind. Trust and confidentiality are the values that underpin co-contributors’ relationships.

We believe the Co-Contributor model is the future of entrepreneurship, and is a model which will build a global community. We know that the model is in its infancy, and to grow the community and co-contribute to one another’s success we are carrying out research to explore ways the model is influencing entrepreneurship.

If you are curious about this model or in fact are already engaged in supportive relationships with fellow entrepreneurs, we would be delighted to hear from you and invite your contribution to a book we are researching. Please contact us in the spirit of generosity that is the hallmark of co-contributors and help jump-start the future of entrepreneurship.


You Have The Potential To Change Someone's Life For Good...

Co-Contributors are:



Co-Contributors offer the best they can to each other. It comes from their heart full of abundance.

They enjoy contributing to each others success.



Co-Contributors are unbiased when giving advice to each other. They do not betray the trust.

What is good for the other is the main priority.


No Expectation

Co-Contributors provide their offerings to each other with no expectations in mind.

Making each other successful is the only aim.

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Design Book
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Co-Contributors Project

Share the journey of people like us who confidently grow their business with Co-Contributors.

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Join the Community...

Do You Want To Be Part Of This Journey Changing Lives Together?

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Are You One Of Us?

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About the Founder / Author / Organizer

Our Story

You Bring Out The Best In Us...

Jamshid Hussaini is blessed to be where he is in his life today. He is blessed because over the course of his business journey, others contributed to his success. ​

As a result, he ended up having a peace of mind, deep connections, and a generous lifestyle.

Along with your story, we want to share his blessings... We are sure you are as excited as we are to bring others to our fold. It is time for us to grow our tribe and introduce our world to others...

Co-Contributors made Jamshid who he is today...

To go through Jamshid's business journey, visit:

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